SharePoint Server 2016 – SharePoint is coming back with more new features and enhancements

Microsoft’s SharePoint team recently announced that SharePoint Server 2016 is to be released on 2nd quarter of 2016 while a public beta version is planned to be released on 4th quarter of 2015.

Let’s get into areas where SharePoint team is actually focusing more for the new release. Improved user experiences, cloud-inspired infrastructure and compliance & reporting are considered to be three major investment areas in SharePoint Server 2016.

Improved User Experiences

The most important ability required by any organization to improve their effectiveness is to make decisions faster. To make this happen users need access to information 24/7 and even when they are on mobile. SharePoint Server 2016 concentrates on giving complete access to content, people and various applications through mobile devices. It will also have improvised user experiences and capabilities derived from innovations in Office 365 either as a part of on-premises deployment or through a hybrid implementation of SharePoint Server 2016 and Office 365.

Cloud-inspired infrastructure

Though many organizations uses cloud to store files, there are few who would still prefer to keep their information on site. SharePoint Server 2016 will offer an option for user to choose which applications and files they want to use in cloud or on site. Many new enhancements can be expected on cloud based file sharing and collaboration from SharePoint 2016. SharePoint 2016 integration with many products such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Exchange Server 2016 will definitely simplify end user training and IT support.

Compliance & Reporting

Organization cannot expose its confidential information to users without right clearance and it cannot negotiate on Data Loss or Leak preventions policies. A wide range of features are available in SharePoint Server 2016 to make sure that highly business critical information is protected by DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policies.

What’s more exciting about the SharePoint Server 2016 update news is that this is not going to be the last release on SharePoint Server. We can expect more SharePoint versions from Microsoft. Write to us to know about the latest updates to SharePoint and know how SharePoint Consulting can help your business to utilize the application efficiently.

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