Microsoft SharePoint 2013 – New features and benefits

The below article is intended on taking you through the new features of Microsoft SharePoint 2013, latest version from Microsoft. While Microsoft has added many new features in SharePoint 2013, I have picked out 8 new features which I believe to add great value to any organization.

SharePoint Digital Workplace

Digital workspace have certainly emerged from the shadows during the late 2011. The objective would be to create a digital workspace where the user has the standard productivity software, office software and role based business applications combined into one package, simply putting a reference environment + a space for collaboration + a social space in constant movement.

SharePoint 2013 offers inherent capabilities to fulfill the needs of the digital workspace as depicted in the diagram.


SharePoint has always been a tool for collaboration, but SharePoint 2013 promises even more robust collaboration tools and some of the new features to increase collaboration, include:

  • OneNote Notebook provides the ability for taking notes and storing locally in the team site.
  • Share Dialog Interface allows users to quickly add people to list.
  • Drop Box feature (Drag and Drop) between Sites or between SharePoint/Desktop.

Video and Rich Media

SharePoint 2013 has come long way in improving to video and rich media which are an important facet of the business world. Improvements include:

  • Videos have video pages (metadata) which make them searchable.
  • Preview functionality for videos available within search results.
  • Video search can be done by length or by date
  • HTML5 and Silverlight Players are supported in 2013 for viewing.

Records Management and Compliance

Compliance requirements are a critical requirement for any enterprise and SharePoint 2013 goes a long way in providing tools to meet these requirements. Some of the features include:

  • Sites are now integrated with Team Mailboxes in SharePoint 2013, which means that any time an end user is preserving content; both the SharePoint Sites and the Team Mailboxes are searched.
  • In-Place Records Management — SharePoint 2013 still has In-Place records management, but now it preserves content that has been modified. So if a user has put a lock on the content, it allows other users to make a change to the document, but it keeps a copy of the content as it was prior to the modification.
  • Enterprise-Wide e-Discovery — SharePoint Server 2013 introduces a new site for managing and holding your discovery cases.

Social Computing

The social computing and collaboration features in SharePoint 2013 offer an improved user experience, in addition to new functionality for enterprise users to share and collaborate with others in their organization. Some of the features include:

  • Community Sites — Community Sites allow users to create discussions and organization them based on categories.
  • Community Portal – enables a search-driven result page of communities for users to discover and explore from a link on their My Sites
  • My Sites — My Sites have been redesigned and modernized for SharePoint 2013. They have also been simplified and provide more unified navigation. There is also a Tasks Page for the aggregation of tasks that can be synchronized using the new Work Management service application.

Business Intelligence

SharePoint Server 2013 business intelligence applications and tools let you organize your vision of organizational goals, processes, and performance requirements. Some of the core features include:

  • Power Pivot to create powerful data mash-ups using Power Pivot, with the ability to process billions of rows
  • Excel Services to create data models and facilitate sharing and collaboration
  • Power view provides intuitive ad-hoc reporting
  • Performance Point and Dashboard Designer along with Visio Services, create sophisticated dashboards capable of integrating reports and metrics from multiple data sources that are customizable for your audience

Mobile Device

SharePoint Server 2013 offers new, optimized viewing experiences across different mobile platforms. Additionally, there are several features that are available to help improve both worker productivity and usability on the device.

  • Optimized mobile browser experience for mobile devices SharePoint Server 2013 provides a lightweight, contemporary view browsing experience for users to navigate and access document libraries, lists, wikis, and Web Parts.
  • SharePoint Server 2013 provides geolocation support for mobile devices.
  • Office Web Apps You can view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in mobile browsers with additional functionality in SharePoint Server 2013.


SharePoint 2013 has made significant improvements to search features, including:

  • Interface Enhancements
  • Relevance Enhancements
  • Ranking Models
  • Content Search Web Part (Similar to the Content Query Web Part, but better)
  • Improved Refinement

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