What is Data Preparation and why is it vital for data analytics?

Before we get into the exceptional benefits offered by data preparations, let us have a quick look at what exactly it is in simple words.

What is data preparation? – Prior to analyzing any data, data must be transformed to appropriate form for trouble free analysis process. This is called data preparation. Data from various sources are cleaned and transformed to improve its quality in order to use it for business analytics purposes. The data preparation process involves various steps like data discovery, data profiling, data cleansing and transformation.

Why is data preparation important?

To obtain accurate business intelligence, it is vital to focus on data preparation process to improve the quality of data. The resulting high quality data will simplify the data analytics process irrespective of data size or source.

What about the benefits derived from data preparation? – From the business perspective, data preparation offers a deeper insight at much reduced amount of time which can help achieve positive business outcomes.

From an IT perspective, data preparations services will help you expand your data integration capability. You can enrich your data, so that it can integrate with any BI tool you want by applying right amount of data prep knowledge.

Let us have look at importance of data preparation to various roles in business –

For business leaders

  • Enable you to make timely data-driven critical decisions
  • Reduced business operation expense and improved data quality
  • Easy access to data without depending on IT team 

For business analyst and data scientist

  • Time spent on preparing data is reduced and invested in analyzing it. Save up to 75% of your analyst time
  • Empower analysts to answer all the business questions in greater detail
  • Enabling them to access more amount of data than ever before, making your analytics even more accurate
  • More quality data information for data scientist to run more experiments and conduct testing over the data and perform statistical interpretations

For IT Leaders

  • Help IT leaders to catch up to the swift growth of data from an extensive range of complex data sources before it becomes impossible for the organization to manage.
  • IT can safeguard their most important data with right security & protocols in place, without sacrificing their flexibility in accessing the data.
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