What’s New In SL 2015 Web Apps CU1

How many times have you felt that you have lot to do, but time is not enough? With today’s fast pace of life, we all have felt that way at some point of time. That is why we all opt / need solutions that are on the go, and not just limited to our desktop. It is the same reason why the idea of carrying the solution on our hand held mobile devices seems so appealing to us.

Microsoft’s Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps offer the same flexibility of executing your tasks from your mobile devices. The web apps enables you access Dynamics SL through a web browser for time or expense entry, reviewing information or reports.

With the release of CU1, Web Apps will grow beyond the project modules, to all modules, including financials, distribution and service series.

Following are some of the features that Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps CU1 offers:

Resource Planning

Now all the projects, tasks and resources can be viewed and updated. Finding available resources is easier – add / remove resources by dragging and dropping resources on / off a project, and then assign hours.

Project Time Entry Grid

Time entry on a desktop can provide a different experience then on a tablet and smartphone. A new grid style time entry interface provides another way for end users to enter their time.

Employee and Resource Maintenance

Create / edit employees and resources. Maintain/edit or add position/rates for employees or resources. All of this can now be done remotely without being in the office.

Project Budgeting Module

Many additional capabilities have been added that are aimed at addressing business issues for budget creation, revision control, approval, and approval routing.

Employee Utilization Module

Track actual and budgeted utilization information for project based organizations. It is important to track the work planned and actually performed by individual employees. This module is used to setup goals and is also used to drive the resource planning features.

Payroll and Advanced Payroll Time Entry

Provides payroll users with an interface to enter standard or advance payroll time entry information.

Item Request Entry & Approval

Request items for companies and projects can happen virtually anytime and anywhere. The Item Request screen helps make entering and approving purchase requests possible, no matter the location.

Inventory Lookup

Lookup Microsoft Dynamics SL inventory information by attribute or description. View inventory availability down to the site level.


Access Microsoft Dynamics SL reports with a Web App report interface that provides access to most SL reports. The new web reporting (ROI) interface also supports custom reports.

Business Portal to Web App upgrade assistance

Microsoft Dynamics SL provides a set of scripts to assist in the process of moving Business Portal users to become Web Apps users.

Access Rights

The access rights feature allows the hiding, disabling, or defaulting a field in select Web Apps screens.

More new features are expected to be added to Dynamics SL 2015 R2 Web Apps, which is scheduled to be released by Q4 of 2015.

Some features that people can expect from Dynamics SL 2015 R2 Web Apps are:

  • High impact screens
  • Project Timesheet entry
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