Why Choose Java For Application Development?

Introduced in 1995 by James Gosling, Sun Micro Systems, Java is considered as one of the best application development language. It was built with a goal to create a platform independent language. In last two decades, Java has matured and gained a reputation of being very secure, fast and robust programing language. It is this reputation because of which Java is preferred to design & build most critical applications. Though the popularity of Java has seen a little slump in past few years due to emergence of other programming languages, Java still rules the enterprise domain.

So what makes Java special?

Few Of The Advantages Of Java

  • Write Once, Run Anywhere: While creating Java, Sun Microsystems implemented their top five philosophy into the language. One of those philosophy was to allow the same program to be executed on multiple operating systems. It was the most important promise of Java technology enabling the developers to write the application just once and run in anywhere while eliminating the need to learn/rewrite the application for different platforms.
  • Security: It’s needless to state how critical security is when it comes to application development. One can have better peace of mind as security features are another key benefit of Java. Both the language & the platform were designed from the ground up keeping security in mind. Java platform enables developers to download codes that are untrusted from the network and run it in a secure environment, limiting its capability to do any harm by injecting virus. It also cannot read / write any files on hard drive etc. This capability itself makes Java a unique platform, but it didn’t stop with that, Java security level have only evolved with time.

The security experts across the world have intensely scrutinised Java language and platform. Any security related bugs including that of potentially serious in nature have been found and promptly mended.

  • Network-centric Programming: “The network is the computer” has been the motto of Sun Microsystems. Designer of Java platform understood the importance of networking, and designed Java platform to be network centric. Java makes working with resources across a network and creating network based application utilising client/server or multitier architecture, relatively simple and easier. 
  • Internationalisation: Java language & platform were designed keeping rest of the world in mind. Having said that, while most of the programming languages use 8 bit characters that represent alphabets of English & Western European language alone, Java uses 16 bit Unicode character that represent the phonetic alphabet and ideographic character sets of the entire world, making it easier to write internationalised programs.

Technology giant like Google has also chosen Java as its Android app development language because of its performance, security, and better memory management. So if you have an application idea that you want to be developed into reality, you should definitely consider Java as one of the option for application development.       

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