Why may be this is the right time to upgrade your Dynamics GP to GP2015?

Every time when Microsoft releases a new version of a product, users always plan to upgrade their current version to get benefited from the new features. Do you think that Dynamics GP2015 is not the right version for you? If you are using Dynamics GP2013 R2 or any other older versions of GP, this is the right time to consider all the advantages GP2015 could offer you and choose to upgrade your GP to GP2015.

Some of the new Features in Dynamics GP2015

Display Debits before Credits

In the account transaction reporting option, debits are displayed before credits as default to help accountants.

Customer Credit Limit Visual

This new feature gives options for the user to choose how and when they should be alerted when a customer reaches their credit limit set by users for them.

Payables Transaction Approval

This feature permits users to submit and approve each transaction in the Payables Transaction Entry window. Approval is also available through email and navigation list.

Refreshable Excel Reports with SmartList Designer

Users can now create refreshable excel reports using SmartList Designer and publish it in Excel Report Library. When the refreshable Excel reports are accessed, it always shows reports up to date.

Email Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

A new feature is added to support email for any document format for all sales order document.

Enhanced Workflows

Workflow was updated with new feature in GP2013 R2 and in GP2015 workflow is made more superior with added Enhancements. The following are the new workflows added in Dynamics GP2015,

  • General Ledger Batch Approval
  • Payables Batch Approval
  • Receivables Batch Approval
  • Vendor Approval

Employee Self Service Functionality

Independence for employees to manage and edit their own personal information in Dynamics GP, such as their Address, Phone Number, Emergency Contacts, Dependents and Position History. This process is workflow integrated so users can submit changes to their managers and get approval rather than have managers do it for them.

Identity Management

This feature authorizes the user to use the same login for GP Web client, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics Online and many other cloud applications. This allows users to enjoy the single sign-on experiences for many cloud applications.

Services based Architecture

While rest of the new features benefit the end users, the service based architecture makes it easier for developers to integrate & develop applications which uses GP functionality. The services based architecture provides a developer with the ability to access sanScript based functionality within core or 3rd party dictionaries. Developers can utilize prebuilt operations or develop their own and then expose it through a REST based API.

There are roughly 47,000 companies using Dynamics GP worldwide and the ERP market is expected to grow up to $41.69 billion. If you are competing to be in the top of your respective vertical, it’s always smarter to employ the best the market has to offer.

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